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External Detoxification

What we mean by external detoxification is a process that affects the body using an external source of stimulation to free up the toxins contained within the cells of the body.

Just about everything we do creates an environment in which our bodies are exposed to toxins. Things we rub on our skin contain harmful toxins and in some cases those toxins are carcinogenic. Things we breathe into our lungs can contain toxins, gas fumes when filling your gas tank at the local gas station or the car exhausts from daily commuting. Harmful pesticides sprayed on our produce or the heavy metals like mercury that we ingest when we eat fish.

These toxins are carried in our blood streams, stored in muscle; in joints and in the fat cells and these toxins put a continuous drain on the bodies' energy system. The problem is that we can't refrain from getting them inside our bodies and the problem grows when the body can't eliminate them faster than it's collecting them.

Many people use internal detoxification methods such as fasting and the ingestion of various herbs, which will assist in eliminating some toxins. However, those bound up in muscle tissue and stored in the fat layers are difficult to mobilize and release.

The stimulation of the water molecules and adipose layers (fat layers) of the body by Infrared Rays will break free and mobilize those trapped toxins. A problem remains if those toxins are only mobilized and picked up by the blood stream but NOT removed from the body. Not only do the Infrared Rays break the toxins free, they also warm the body up from the inside out. In doing so the body will begin to sweat and the mobilized toxins will follow the water and oils up the sweat glands and be eliminated during the session, instead of being picked up by an already overloaded blood stream.

Our video explains and describes the process, how it works and why it is such an important alternative process. So important if fact, that you may want to incorporate into your life and make it part of your lifestyle.

Using the Power of Far Infrared Rays for External Detoxification


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External Detoxification
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